Invented and developed by Storage Technology Expert, Wade Sun

TOP 30 on ABC's American Inventor TV show!
Out of over 10,000 inventions

STOP breaking, cutting up, or shredding your discs!

More Data Secure than Breaking or Shredding!
Recycling your whole CD-R is the most secure method of destruction.
Broken and shredded pieces are unacceptable and end up in dumpsites as e Waste.
By Recycling, your whole disc is melted down and the raw materials extracted.
The Disc Eraser renders any disc UNREADABLE while allowing the disc
to remain whole and intact, thereby promoting Recycling!

The Disc Eraser is the FIRST and ONLY disc destruction device that PROMOTES RECYCLING!
Simply dispose them in any plastics recycling bin. See Product page for more info.

No waste created!

Our discs tested UNRECOVERABLE by a Data Recovery company!
No need to break or shred your discs to prevent data and identity theft!
See our Product Info page for details on this all-new, patent pending
Optical-Strip Technology

100% Safe! NO WASTE or SHARP materials.
Ideal use for men, women, AND children.
The Disc Eraser AND its byproduct (an intact disc) is safe, even for a curious 1 year old!
No other data security device (or their byproduct) is this safe!


The Disc Eraser is the SAFEST WAY to destroy CDs and DVDs, compared
to any known methods, which are impractical, messy, and dangerous.

Shredders Dangerous to Children and Pets

For more information regarding Data Security, see the links below:
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